What is a Slow Motion Video Booth and why should you have one at your wedding?

Weddings are fun, but some are just simply more fun. We have been to a wedding with a photo booth, and they are great. We get to act silly, play dress-up and interact with different people at the reception.

So, what is a ‘slow motion video booth’? Well, its kind of like a photo booth, but much more dynamic, interactive and generally more fun. Guests choose their props for their time in the booth (or not). The props can be similar to ones you would find in a photo booth, but some are meant to be dynamic and interactive! Like silly string, balloons, bubbles or confetti poppers. The guests then enter the open booth alone, in pairs or in a small group and have 8 seconds to dance, jump around and just plain be silly. 8 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but once the playback is shown, it is closer to a minute and a half in slow motion.

The camera used is specific for shooting in slow motion. We shoot at 240 fps (frame per second) rather than traditional 30 fps. They playback is love for everyone in the room to see son as the recording is done and viewable on a large screen elevated T.V.

Typically we have a line up guests waiting to for their 3rd, 4th, or 10th round in the booth.

In the end, rather than small photo strips that most often are left on the floor or on tables, the Bride & Groom receive a fully edited video of all the best highlights from the booth with noncommercial music (so you can share on Youtube without having them take it down). We also deliver every groups clip with music which the Bride & Groom can share with all the participants.

Have a wedding reception that people will talk about for years!

Check out our sample and see what you think?

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