First Look

In Wedding photography, the first look or sometimes referred to as a ‘reveal’. What is it? and should we do it?

Traditionally, at least in western culture, the groom is not supposed to see the bride in her wedding dress until she walked down the isle. This , although not the intended reason, offer wedding photographers a great opportunity to capture raw emotion from the groom as sees his bride for the first time in her beautiful white wedding dress. I personally love that…in theory.

The problem with this is, well…we are guys. We often don’t want to show a lot of emotion in front of large crowds of people, our buddies and strangers. So what happens more often than not is capturing a groom who is making the best effort NOT to show his emotions. Sometimes for fear of teasing by his buddies for years to come. Heck, recently there was even a photo of a groom crying at the alter as he watched his bride walk towards him that went viral as people made fun of him. (Crazy, I know).

A great solution to the this is the first look. A short private moment between the bride and groom just before the ceremony. In this time (about 5 minutes) the groom will see the bride for the first time and meet. They can hug, kiss, talk, cry etc… without interference from the officiant or judgment of others. The photographer then captures the moment (best with a long lens from afar).

Every first look I have done with my clients has been just plain awesome sauce! The bride and groom love the private moment, which is often the only one they get for the entire day and we get the ‘moment’ we were hoping for traditionally done at the alter.

While the first look is not for everyone, it should be considered if anything I have said here sound appealing to you.

What do you think?